Running Hadoop in the cloud makes sense for many of the same reasons as running any other application in the cloud. It can increase business efficiency, reduce costs, and increase agility and the speed of innovation. But for many organizations moving to the cloud is a non-starter due to data governance and control issues. Beyond the need to protect against data breaches and cyber attacks, organizations need assurance that cloud providers cannot arbitrarily access their data.

NuCypher provides an encryption layer with access controls embedded directly into the encryption algorithm. As a result, administrators can manage decryption permissions without access to the secret keys, enforcing separation of duties. Enterprises can maintain privacy, confidentiality, and data integrity encrypting on-premise and outsourcing storage and processing to the cloud.

We will NEVER use cloud-based key management systems. NuCypher’s ability to keep secret keys on-premise along with fast and secure re-keying is a must-have for banking.

Chief Technology Officer of Leading Multinational Bank

Encryption Policy That Follows The Workload

Easy Migration From On-Premise To Cloud

On-Premise Key Management
Automated Key Rotation
FIPS Compliance
Multi-Layered Security

Maintain 100% Control of Your Data – End of Story

On-Premise Key Management

NuCypher supports on-premise key management so that keys never leave your control. It provides encryption for unlimited clusters across private, public, or hybrid clouds. Cloud providers receive only encrypted data and on-premise key management means that nobody can access your data without your consent – nobody!

Blazingly Fast Key Rotation

Automated Key Rotation

Proper key management is just as important as encryption itself. With NuCypher, key management is easily integrated into console GUIs and APIs. Manage keys in concert with your existing policy settings to make the system easy to use. NuCypher performs ultra-efficient key rotation in accordance with industry regulations like PCI or internal security guidelines. Key rotation can be done automatically on a fixed schedule or an ad-hoc basis.

Meets Compliance for Finance, Healthcare, Government, and More

FIPS 140-2 Compliance

NuCypher’s military-grade encryption integrates with FIPS 140-2 compliant key managers to help organizations meet compliance requirements and protect sensitive artifacts. It allows administrators to track all key retrieval, key management, and system activity while maintaining exclusive control over encryption keys in their Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Encryption At-Rest, In-Transit, and In-Use

Multi-Layered Security

NuCypher offers block and file-level encryption to secure data at-rest and in-transit. To protect data in-use, fine-grained field and column-level encryption can be applied, ensuring both security and flexibility.

The NuCypher platform ensures data remains encrypted at-rest and in-transit. Data can’t be accessed by anyone under any conditions that aren’t authorized, letting you reap the benefits of the cloud and increased collaboration.