Data-Centric Zero-Trust Encryption Platform for Big Data

Provide fine-grained user access and maintain 100% control of your data
in the cloud or on-premise, without latency or downtime.

Big Data Security Presents New Challenges

The Old Tools Don’t Work

Securing big data is different. The distributed nature of big data platforms translates into large attack surfaces. Legacy encryption technologies cause performance bottlenecks and impair functionality. NuCypher protects data at-rest, in-transit, and in-use without impacting performance or functionality.

Businesses have traditionally managed data within structured and unstructured silos, driven by inherent requirements to deploy relational database management systems, file storage systems and unstructured file shares. However, the advent of big data and cloud storage environments is transforming the way in which data is stored, accessed and processed. Access to public cloud services and infrastructure further complicates this process due to the potential access by cloud service providers and security vendors - CISOs need to develop a data-centric security approach.

Brian Lowans, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner

Unleash the Full Power of Big Data

Learn How To Remove Bottlenecks and Barriers

How Do I Share Data Lakes

How Do I Move Big Data to the Cloud

How Do I Maintain Governance and Compliance

Big Data Security Re-Imagined

NuCypher leads the advancement of big data security with an innovative re-encryption cryptosystem. It’s purpose-built for sharing sensitive data in compliance with strict governance and residency requirements. NuCypher arms security professionals with new capabilities for protecting globally-distributed corporate data lakes.

NuCypher is a frictionless solution that protects big data applications by using your organization’s existing access policies. Installed in minutes, NuCypher enables you to leverage the full power of big data and the cloud securely.

Make Your Data an Asset

Not a Liability


Simplify compliance efforts including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOX, and GDPR.


Military-strength encryption and fine-grained access policies secure cloud and on-premise data from internal and external threats.


Ensure the right people have the right access to the right data. Fine-grained access control keeps everyone in check.


Reduce encryption management cost and complexity. Leverage the scalability and elasticity of cloud services and support multi-tenancy without jeopardizing security.

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